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About Intimex

Intimex provides high quality, reliable online platform and system building services to different industries, including mobile version of the site, Webstore system, online trading system, legitimate mass e-mail system, online payment system, Internet promotion and hosting services. Founded more than 20 years, the company has been providing quality online services to more than 6,000 large, medium and large businesses, multinational corporations, government departments and charities for 50 different industries.

Our Mission

Through innovative and appropriate IT applications, to be the best value creator for our customers, members and shareholders; to continually enhance ourselves and help Hong Kong to build a competitive advantage.

Outstanding Import & Export Enterprise Awards - E-commerce Award

Intimex Development Mileage 1



The latest products of Intimex "RegnPay" achieved success. Its stability and practicality had increased significantly, and had become a hot new generation of online marketing tools. Our leading technology in IT is fully recognized as the "Import and Export Enterprise Award 2016 - E-Commerce Award", and it was also the "Family Friendly Employer" in the third year in further promoting corporate social responsibility. "HSBC business new power to commend" and other proof.

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Total number of customers of Intimex has accumulated up to 6,000. Also, we adhere to provide customers with the best quality comprehensive service, as a result, we won the "Top Ten SMEs Quality Customer Service Award 3 times within 5 years." We have been awarded the "Talent Enterprise Award" for five consecutive years in the management of talents and the sustainable development of our business. We have received "One of the 40 Index Companies of the Small and Medium Enterprises" for three consecutive years, which highly certifies our importance to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility.

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Intimex has transformed for ten years, both in terms of information technology or social responsibility have been recognized by industry and government agencies. The excellent performance of several high-quality IT systems allows us to obtain the Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Award - the best commercial system (product) quality certificate, and the long-term contribution to the community so that we have the first year of the Friends of a good commendation program Logo and HSBC business new power Emerald Award.

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Intimex transformed into a "3E" e-commerce program by technology support companies. "3E" includes "Economical", "Easy" and "Effective". Our new objective is to efficiently develop and provide the most innovative, most functional, cost-effective and easy-to-use e-commerce solutions and professional information technology services, as well as to assist enterprises to conceive and implement the "fast, Quasi "as the core of the Internet marketing strategy, in order to speed in a short time for Hong Kong and mainland customers to establish a clear corporate image.

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Intimex was formally established. With Hong Kong's return to China and the rapid development of the Internet, our initial goal is to provide a wide range of Internet technical support to enterprises in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Our Goal

1. To develop and provide the latest, cost-effective, affordable and easy-to-use e-commerce programs and professional IT services for enterprises in Hong Kong and Mainland China. 
2. To help enterprises to conceive and implement the "fast and accurate" as the core of the Internet marketing strategy, in order to speed up a short period of time to establish a clear corporate image.
3. Become an important bridge between the government and enterprises. To provide professional consultancy services for enterprises to apply for government funding.
4. We are committed to meeting the corporate social responsibility standards of "Caring Company" and continue to employ trainees with the Youth Pre-employment Training Program (YPTP). To actively participate in the programs organized by different social service organizations to demonstrate their commitment to the community.
5. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience in the areas of information technology and e-commerce with other social service providers without self-reliance and without hesitation.