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CRX待客尊的度身設計連無限頁內容管理系統,為各中小企業提供一個全面的網站內容發佈系統。簡單易用的網站內部介面,助你更容易管理網站!不用花費很多,更不需額外工具,便能建立一個內容豐富的網站! 除此以多,CRX提供會員系統的建立,讓您輕易管理會員資料,甚至給予不同會員不同程度的折扣優惠。RegNPay強大的活動報名及付費系統亦包含於CRX系統中,令您輕鬆製作表格及收費,舉行活動及收費亦變得更簡單!擁有眾多功能的CRX系統,是帶領您公司進入網絡年代的重要一環!

Our advantages

Why CMX?

The first impression of your website is crucial, as it decides the company's image for the customer. An excellent website, in addition to eye-catching designs and a wide range of functions, needs to constantly update information to allow customers to see the latest news from the company and attract customers to visit your website regularly. However, selecting your website system incorrectly will make website updates more complicated, and increasing time spent, of which can be spent on other matters. Most systems also limit the upload capacity and the number of web pages, greatly reducing the flexibility of your website!
Our 100% self-developed CMX "Electronics" 3.0 provides a comprehensive, easy-to-operate and unlimited page website content publishing system for SMEs, helping you manage your website easily! Since its launch, it has been well received by customers! We promise to do better than others, and we’re dedicated to providing customers with our 5 major advantages:

1. Unlimited pages and content publishing greatly improves website flexibility

Most common website management systems on the market regulate and limit the upload capacity of content, which seriously hinders the development of company websites. Intimex has in-depth insight into the worries of various industries many years ago, and took the lead in launching the unlimited page content publishing function, allowing your company to add, edit or delete web pages at any time, furthermore, you can also create folders for web page organization, renewal fees, and more. Our system gives you easy and flexible website management, allowing you to further develop your brand image with no worries.

2. Tailored-made online store design, helps establish and build your brand image

Nowadays, most stores utilize the same or similar website templates, which have little to no flexibility and fail to highlight the unique characteristics of the company, let alone distinguish you from your peers and competition.
We believe that only a tailor-made website design can highlight your company's advantages, establish a brand image, win customer loyalty and increase company sales.
Our business consultants will develop the most suitable marketing strategy for you and create the most professional and exquisite website design tailor-fit for your company, so that the website can fully meet the company's needs and increase sales profit.

3. Established in five thousand websites, the highest amount of success cases

During this internet age, website providers have become very popular, but after the release of your website, you will find that the system is full of errors, bugs, and missing data; there is still no traffic, and forcing you to close down your business. We can do better.

As your professional online store supplier, Intimex can guarantee 100% peace of mind. Ever since our CMX website system was launched, more than 5,000 websites have been established for customers, with the highest amount of success cases in this industry! This is because we have an in-depth understanding of your company’s needs, coupled with our more than 13 years of experience and professional knowledge, we can formulate the most suitable online store plan and promotion strategy for you, which will naturally push your website traffic to the top.

4. One-on-one exclusive business consultant meetings throughout the whole process

From consultation to website release, our award-winning professional business consultants will provide you with the most intimate customer support services throughout the entire process, including business analysis before the website is released, formulating a suitable website plan; and subsequent troubleshooting or other promotion suggestions, We will listen attentively and make the promise of "Customer Satisfaction Guarantee". We are your most reliable business partner.

5. Countless award-winning website system industry authority

If you want to ensure the high quality of our website system? Obtaining a third party's approval is naturally the best proof you need. The 100% self-developed CMX "Electronics" system by Intimex has won the highest awards in the industry, including the 2009 Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Awards, the 2008 Hong Kong Awards for Industries and the 2011 Daoxiang Creative Entrepreneurship Awards. The awards range from function to competitiveness Scoring in categories such as creativity, design, function, flexibility, shows that CMX has performed well in many aspects; plus, we regularly add the new features to help you continuously improve your business.