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Introduction of CRX

CRX’s hospitable webpage design with an unlimited page content management system provides a comprehensive website content publishing system for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). The easy-to-use internal interface makes managing your website a simple task! You can build a website with rich content without much expense and no additional tools! Furthermore, CRX provides a membership system, allowing you to easily manage member information, and even give different members different degrees of discounts. Reg&Pay's powerful event registration and payment system is also automatically implemented in CRX, simplifying payment processes, and event organization! The CRX system is a critical part of leading your company onto e-commerce!

Our advantages

1.Flexible Design and Management

Multiple functions for all types of calculations.
Free implementation of different options and set up equations to calculate activity costs Flexible form design
Use simple html controls to create tables for multiple purposes
Personalized banner design
Companies can create their own banners based on their needs and choose where to place different content to highlight the website

2.Establish a professional image

Free creation over site URL
Different from other Google and Event Planner forms, an exclusive URL makes the corporate image more professional
Integration of social networks
Integrate social media platforms such as Facebook, Weibo and WeChat to accumulate more fans for the organization.
Professional membership management
The special relationship management platform can become a bridge between the company and its members

3.Expanding Revenue

Advertising and Sponsorships
CRX provides companies with advertising locations on their website, so that they can place member’s advertisements in their own locations, and charge advertising fees, thereby gaining extra revenue. This leads to more funds
Forms for advertisements are easy to fill and charge
You can use EasyPay to encourage more members to pay online, which is convenient and fast Reg&Pay recommends and automatically launches financially saving activities
By utilizing CRX for easy-to-implement events, such as discounts, you can save on offline promotions and create greater profits

4.Customer member information and relationship management

CRX has a built-in special membership system, where members can create their own independent accounts.
CRX stores important information of members and records of service usage, allowing the company to inquire about service details and exchange large files at any time to facilitate communication.
Discount management can be done to any member.
Merchants can customize a variety of discounts to attract more different customers, thereby increasing turnover and profit.

5. E-Development Emailer powerful permission type publicity email system

Legal email promotion program
Use the email framework independently designed by CRX to select target members from the member database, and the system will automatically send promotional emails to the email accounts of each selected member.

System Functions

1.Event Calendar and Manager


CRX's one-stop e-commerce system easily solves any shortcomings of the traditional commerce system in one go, while being the most cost-effective solution! The CRX system has dozens of functions, including online quotation, complete online order document preparation and management, online bargaining, permission-based personalized promotion email production and delivery system, comprehensive product information management, customer relationship management, and webpage implementation. Many powerful functions such as content management are used to process all business procedures on the cloud at one time. From then on, bid farewell to the company's outdated systems and software, and use the cost-effective CRX system to help the company's business development to a higher level. Click here to learn more now!

2.Using CMS for Product Promotion


Companies can change the content of the homepage via CMS at any time to promote their latest products and activities

3.Embed Videos to better the look of your website


You can easily embed videos through CMS, via a simple link of a Tudou, Youku or Youtube video. Therefore, increasing promotion of your products.

4.CRX also has an unlimited album function


Displaying your bond and friendship between members

5.SNS Link System


On your CRX website, you can join social platforms such as Weibo and Facebook to further promote your website.



Companies or service organizations can create forms for different activities with CRX. CRX provides multiple options for form creation. Both our smart calculation activity fee forms provide html input, of which all content can be easily modified. Furthermore, users can fill in personal information and payment options, and directly go through the online e-commerce payment platform for payment.