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Summary of PTX

PTX: The Online Trading System for all Business Opportunities

In order to undergo business expansions and making profit, e-commerce has inevitably become a trend nowadays. Therefore, choosing a high-quality online trading system with an experienced service provider is essential to explore new markets and better brand building. Our PTX online trading system integrates powerful functions such as online quotations, e-orders, inventory management, product management, customer relationship management, and email promotion all in a single network, allowing both customers and merchants to easily yet efficiently participate in e-commerce in a secure environment. Thus, PTX has been used for manufacturing, import/export trades and wholesalers for many years. It is considered the No.1 e-commerce system used by most manufacturers in Hong Kong! Coupled with our award-winning customer support, there is no doubt that PTX effectively helps business to effectively build their brand and increase profits!

Our Advantages

Why PTX?

Due to the uncertainty of our current economic climate, there is a lot of resistance in doing business. How can manufacturers break through and seek change? To expand business and continue to make profits, e-commerce is an effective solution, as the rising trend of e-commerce is undeniable. Choosing a high-quality e-commerce system with an experienced service provider is the key to success in accessing new markets and brand building! However, there are many different e-commerce systems nowadays, some systems may be specifically designed for wholesale, whilst others may be designed for e-commerce, or online, trading, all of which function differently but having similar names. So how are you meant to find the perfect system for your business? Intimex provides the most powerful, comprehensive and convenient trading system on the market, the PTX Online Trading System:

PTX is an award-winning online trading system which combines both email promotion and membership functions, as well as customer relationship management, so merchants can easily determine the customer’s needs and wants. Online business ideas and data are readily available, allowing merchants and customers to conduct e-commerce effectively in a convenient yet confidential manner. Thus, PTX has been used for manufacturing, import/export trades and wholesalers for many years. It is considered the No.1 e-commerce system used by most manufacturers in Hong Kong! Coupled with our award-winning customer support, there is no doubt that PTX effectively helps business to effectively build their brand and increase profits!

1. Dozens of e-commerce functions all in one

PTX's one-stop e-commerce system can solve the shortcomings of the traditional commerce system in one go. It is definitely the most cost-effective solution!
The PTX system has many functions, including online quotations, online order document preparation and management, online price negotiation, permission-based personalized promotion email production and delivery system, comprehensive product information management, customer relationship management, and web pages Many powerful functions such as content management are used to process all business procedures online at one time. From then on, bid farewell to the company's outdated systems and software, and use the low-cost and high-efficiency PTX system to help the company's business development to a higher level. Click here to learn more now!

2. Established in over a 1000 websites, The highest amount of successful cases

There are many website service providers out there, but after the establishment of the online platform, you may discover that the system is full of errors and cannot do business; or the website is unable to reach any online customer. So, what do you think? As your professional online store supplier, Intimex can definitely save you out of these situations. Since the launch of the PTX system, more than 1,000 websites have been established for customers, and the successful cases are definitely the best in the industry!
This is all because we listen to your needs carefully together with our more than 20 years of experience and professional knowledge, to formulate the most suitable online store plan and promotion strategy for you, we will push your online business to the peak.

3. Tailor-made web design can establish brand image

Nowadays, most e-shops use bland and basic website templates, which are low in flexibility, and are unable to highlight the company's characteristics, let alone distinguish you from your peers.
We believe that only a tailor-made website design can highlight your company's advantages, build a brand image, win customer loyalty, and enhance the company's sales.
Our business consultants will formulate the most suitable market strategy for you and with the most professional and pleasant website design, the website can fully meet the company's promotional needs and get the greatest profit.

4. One-on-one exclusive business consulting throughout the whole process

From consultation to website construction, our award-winning professional business consultants will provide you with the most devoted customer support services throughout the entire process, including business analysis before the website construction and development of suitable website plans, as well as troubleshooting after the launching of the website or other promotional suggestions. We will listen carefully and guarantee for Customer’s Satisfaction and will be your most reliable business partner.

5. 獲獎無數 網站系統業界權威


System Functions

The countless outstanding functions of PTX are unique in Hong Kong, which can help you lead your peers and simplify the complexity of e-commerce. It is the only e-commerce system you will ever need.
PTX's outstanding e-commerce system features include:

Our eight newest and best functions

Supports iPad/iPhone, or any mobile device. Supports Facebook sharing or any other social media platform. You will not ever miss another new online business experience! Supports multiple browsers.

Capture all business opportunities anytime, anywhere
PTX supports various popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, etc. Even on tablets such as iPad and Galaxy Tab, it can display perfectly. "One network" provides savings for all customers. Removing the trouble of redoing the website or application for different devices and platforms.

Flexible Web Design


You can easily add Web 2.0 elements to your website
No longer limited by fixed templates, you can customize the layout you like, add a Facebook Like Box, dynamic banners, the latest news bar and other Web 2.0 elements, and you can arrange the position flexibly!

Provide a convenient shopping experience to customers


A product can be classified by either "category" or "brand". Under the PTX system, you can easily classify products into different categories, which is convenient for buyers to shop in real time. It breaks the limit of traditional products that can only have one classification, which greatly improves flexibility.

Personalized Product Detail Page


Use your mouse to grasp the product features instantly.
In addition to the basic information, you can customize the detailed product columns such as different product specifications to suit the nature of the business; you can also upload multiple product pictures, so that buyers can zoom in on the product pictures in real time and have a better understanding of the product; in addition, You can also add YouTube videos and other related products to greatly increase customer’s interest in inquiries and orders.

Product Simulation and Comparison System


The customer can easily compare two similar products through PTX.
The function of the analog product matching system can be described as the most revolutionary PTX function. Traditional online shopping has always displayed a regular flat graphic display. Customers are afraid to place an order because they cannot experience the product in person; but with this new function, customers can upload real environment elements (such as personal photos or home pictures) to match the product comparison, and you can browse products from multiple angles as if you are on the spot without leaving the house. This greatly optimizes the customer's shopping experience and reduces the return rate of products.

Integrate different social platforms


Share instantly to Facebook Twitter Google+ with great reputation
Timing is important in doing business, if you have a good product, you will like to share it with your friends on Facebook instantly! The independent product page is convenient for buyers to share the recommended products on social platforms such as Facebook. Cooperating with the exclusive Facebook fan page, it can also promote the product and expand the customer base.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Our SEO system effectively and automatically help you improve your search ranking
The built-in website optimization functions and independent product pages under the PTX system conform to the SEO format, which can help you automate SEO. It can help you improve the search ranking of your website without spending extra money and effort. Zero cost to let customers find your brand and products automatically!



One website – Two versions. Help you seize business opportunities at any moment
The PTX one-stop online commerce system not only has a web version, but also has a mobile version. When browsing a website on a mobile phone, it will automatically jump to the mobile version, displaying a layout that fits the page size best, and also has all the web version functions!

Other Excellent PTX Features:

We can do all basic functions such as online real-time quotations, inventory, product and customer management, as well as email promotion, and we do it with all our best!

Comprehensive Product Management


The PTX system is able to store more than ten thousand products, and just like any other detailed online catalog, guests and customers can easily find the latest product information and search for products at any time. Our database supports uploading additional pictures and documents and have self-define browsing levels for different customers.

Online quotation, order making and delivery planning system


From inquiry to order preparation, all can be easily completed online, including the preparation of all order documents, such as quotations, invoices, packing lists, and even factory production orders.

Customer information and relationship management


The PTX system hosts a special membership system, where each customer has its own independent account and data file, helping you to better understand each customer's preferences and characteristics, so as to recommend suitable products.

Simple development of “permission-style” personalized publicity production and distribution system with our Emailer


The Emailer of PTX system allows you to easily select different products or add the latest information, make unlimited emails and send them to the designated target customers, and take the initiative at zero cost! The email system is more in line with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, helping you to make legal and efficient promotion.

Customer Interest Tracking


The PTX system checks the products that each customer has viewed at any time to create a quotation preemptively.

Inventory Records and Reports


The PTX system has a comprehensive inventory management system, and automatic replenishment reminders when product is out of stock.

Online Payment System


The PTX system is connected to multiple online payment gateways such as PayPal, which makes it easy to charge orders or sample fees, reducing administrative costs.

Website Content Management System (CMS)


The PTX system allows for unlimited amounts of company introduction pages. With the easy-to-use HTML Editor to add a company profile, quality assurance and other pages at will. You can also add pictures and videos to the web pages.

Comprehensive Website Promotion Report


The PTX system has a comprehensive built-in report function, including detailed reports of website traffic, search keyword reports, to help you grasp and evaluate the effectiveness of any promotion.

Internal user account management


The PTX system allows you to set different permissions to internal users, and users can only use the assigned functions, help improving the system security.